Princess of the Sou...
By DestinyKeianna
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The KimJones Chronicles: PART 1 - Princess of the South ♕ "Here, we consider Kimberley as the princess of the south, or the Southside princess." The hardworking and humble, nineteen year old Kimberley B. Jones, had always dreamt about becoming a fashion designer since the elementary school days and it is something that never changed. When she makes her own decision of dropping out of her first year of college, she gets kicked out of her childhood home in Savannah, GA and moves in with her carefree sister, Katrina Jones in Atlanta, GA. She tries to find herself in the new city, and living without any rules. Kimberley offered a business card from a brand new modeling agency leads her to thinking that her career could possibly takeoff and branch off into other things that'll help her out with her passion. The moment she meets people that'll help her to expand further into her dream of fashion design, she has to figure out what would be best for her career, or trying to find a way to balance them both. Follow along the journey of Kimberley as she meets people who are interested in her for the wrong things and she deals with people coming to her for the outcome of her success as well as balancing a lot of her own personal issues and relationships. Cover created by:- DiaTheLit

1. the beginning

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by DestinyKeianna