Her Storm and Silen...
By burgersforbob
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This will be a collect of one shots about the Storm and Silence Series by Rob Thier! I assume you're here on a non-wednesday day and I am here to provide you with some fan-made content to try and fill up the small hole of emptiness that all S&S readers face while patiently waiting for Sir Rob's glorious updates. I will be writing scenes that I wished happen differently, some more romance-y action, and any requests! THIS IS FAN FICTION however I will try my hardest to use the best grammar and spelling possible, though I am not perfect :) *MATURE CONTENT INCLUDED* (not in every chapter but its in some. I will provide a warning before hand just in case that's not your cup of tea) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. ALL CREDIT GOES TO SIR ROB FOR EVERYTHING.

Her Storm and Silence ONE SHOTS

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Her Storm...
by burgersforbob