BLS #6 : Locking He...
By beyondlocks
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BLS #6 Sebastian Cesborn A billionare that has a really cold heart. He never cares about people's feelings except his friends and his family. He doesn't like to have a relationship because he thinks girls want him just because he has money and fame. Alexis Sierra A tough girl with a rough past , she's a strong girl. Modeling is her dream , she loves her occupation so much. She's a lovely girl once you know her but don't expect to get her number just by saying a pick up line. She's a really difficult girl until she met a guy who can make her heart went explode "You can't run away from me again Alexis , you're stuck to me whether you like it or not. I'm officially locking you with me. Like a criminal , you will never get out from jail without my permission" Sebastian said coldly before Alexis walked away Editor : Simrampreet Banga Start writing : 12 November 2016 Finish writing : 21 November 2016


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BLS #6 :...
by beyondlocks