Luck and Bullets (o...
By poltergeist_people
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Harlow Frost isn't what you would call a normal teenage girl. Sure she's angsty, and blunt to a fault. But that just comes with being the daughter of a former gang leader and sister of a current one. Seductive when she needs to be Harlow knows just how to make a man fall to his knees. Conveniently she also knows how to put a bullet in his head without getting blood on her shoes. But what happens when her gang, her own brother, betrays her for their own benefit, leaving her to their long time rivals?... A very bad girl gets a hell of a lot worse. ~~ "What the fuck did you just say to me?" "I said I wasn't surprised by your blatant teenage rebellion considering where you come from." I squinted up at the bastard. Vodka loving mother russia fucking bitch..."Yeah? Well at least I didn't name my gang after a line in Humpty-fucking-Dumpty." His eyes narrowed at me. Grinning dangerously I leaned a bit closer to Dimitri, "And all The Kings Men couldn't put the Russians balls back together again."

Ch 1: Slut Bunny

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Luck and...
by poltergeist_people