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*WARNING: SPOILERS FOR NEW MOVIE "DOCTOR STRANGE" AHEAD* *SOME VILE LANGUAGE REVOLVING SAID WORDS: "c*ap, d*mn, f*eaking"* Ember Jerrington is a street rat. She used to live in a home for orphans - cut the crap; she lived in a torture home - and now she steals to survive. A few pieces of Iron Man armour would sell in the black market, wouldn't it? After running for her life away from a very angry Iron Man and Vision, she skids into the alley which is the closest thing to a home for her - and stops. A man...holding the neck of another. Ember Jerrington hates bullies. After beating the man down to the ground, she demands for him to stop. When he refuses, she strikes his shoulder with a piece of shrapnel, but pays the ultimate price. She can't see anymore.

chapter one >> the man in the cape

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mage | a...
by storyteller0714