The Brave
By braveyunvagabond
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Dear Reader, I started this story for NaNoWriMo 2016 and had not finished. I'm writing a Christianized version of Supernatural, basically. And as I write, I hope you take enjoyment from my character's suffering, joys and stories. Get ready for The Brave(this story shall be finished in time!): Three of us. We are the only ones left. The only ones to survive the battle of the night before. We are pinned down in the basement. Holy anointing oil lines the door frames and window sills. Knelt on the ground, we pray through the night, clenching the crucifixes, around our necks. I am severely injured and losing a lot of blood. We have protected the parcel and held back the enemy from the messenger who has left, with last of the children. At war with demons, Rowan Shields and her siblings are trained as exorcists by their mother after their father goes MIA. During which time, they travel America with their guardian pack, searching for him. As they make their mark across the states, they journal their encounters and carry on. Peace out ✌️ and Rock on ! Mari Fahel McKimzey


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The Brave
by braveyunvagabond