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Excerpt: "You fucking bastard!" I yelled, smacking him across the face, hard. He shot upright, his eyes glowing black. I flinched, staring at them in shock before remembering how livid I was. "You undressed me?" I screamed. Michel growled, a noise that almost didn't even sound human. I didn't let it scare me, refusing to back down. "You took my clothes off! Did you try anything? I swear to god--" I had been poking him in the chest, and suddenly, he grabbed my hand. His eyes were no longer black, but they were still dark. "I didn't touch you," he growled lowly. "Cynthia took your clothes off because she thought you'd be uncomfortable. I put you into bed. No one laid a hand on you otherwise." I stared down at my camisole and boy shorts. "Cynthia...?" "The woman who brought you up here," he snapped. ...well, shit. I crossed my arms and huffed angrily. "Ok, do I know you didn't try anything?" He shook his head. "Don't you think you would have woken up?" I glared at him. Good point... With nothing to say, I settled for, "Why are you sleeping in the same bed as me?" He appeared confused. "This is my bed." "Well, I don't wanna sleep with you," I hissed. "I barely know you!" Michel looked so tired as he put his head in his hands, for a minute, I almost felt bad. Then I remembered he kinda signed up for this when he kidnapped me. Sucks to suck. *** Summary: Jem is a sarcastic 23 year-old human with a dirty mouth and a dark secret. Michel is an Alpha wolf looking for his mate. When Michel finds out Jem is his mate, he kidnaps her and introduces her to the world of werewolves. But can these two really find true love, with the threat of a rogue war and Jem's dark past finally catching up to her? One thing is for certain: it'll be interesting watching them try. *WARNING: Contains language!*

Chapter One.

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