Deep Down (Eren x R...
By gravity____
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Book 1, Deep Down (complete) Book 2, Her Secrets (work in progress) Titans have ruled her life just like many others' lives. She's always wanted to live beyond the walls, just like her father. Yet once her dreams became a nightmarish reality, she's given the opportunity to take back Paradis by joining the Survey Corps. She meets someone else living her same dreams, and just like her, holds a secret that could either unlock the cage for humanity, or it could cost her her life. 24 Chapters + a Bonus Chapter Note: I plan on reconstructing this book once I finish the second book. I know my writing is wonky and I really want to add to it. Please be mindful in your comments as well! :) I do not own Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin nor you. AoT/SnK belongs to Hajime Isayama + those working on the project, and you belong to yourself. I only edited the cover myself and wrote this story. Cover art: Credit to angerliz on Tumblr

Author's Note | Reconstruction

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Deep Down...
by gravity____