The Storm Trials {O...
By lawi360
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • action
  • adventure
  • augmentedreality
  • conspiracy
  • deadlygame
  • horror
  • hungergames
  • launguage
  • mature
  • paranormal
  • projectrefresh
  • psychological
  • sci-fi
  • violence
  • wp2020
  • youngadult


The rules are simple...You play the game...Or you die. Enter 12 teens from various backgrounds. Each desperate for the cash prize that the popular but obscure underground game known as 'The Storm Trails' offers it's last standing participants. The challenges start off ridiculous but it's not long before the adrenaline fueled game requires it's finalists to perform increasingly dangerous and malicious tasks. As the game takes on a violent and sinister turn, the finalists must fight for their survival. Alliances are formed-some are broken, love is found and enemies are created. With no where to turn and not knowing who trust and the stakes of the game being raised higher and higher as the finale showdown approaches, who will win The Storm Trails, who will be the last one or ones standing?

Meet The Finalists

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The Storm...
by lawi360