Strange Addictions...
By shirekat_
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Pairing: reader x Doctor Strange Warnings: violence, smut, language As you were walking home to your apartment in New York, a thief appears from nowhere, stabbing you in the gut and taking your belongings. A passerby finds you, calls an ambulance, and you are rushed into a hospital where you meet doctor strange. This supercilious man starts to grow on you, and the two of you become closer as he frequently visits your room. This Doctor, however, doesn't seem to be who he says he is, and strange things start to happen. Soon, you discover the secrets of your doctor as well as the mysteries held within yourself. // I do not own Any of the characters (though I wish I did) also the beginning is not the best but it gets better once you're out of the hospital//

Chapter One: Doctor, doctor

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Strange A...
by shirekat_