Saving Me
By beelynnR
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With everything happening in her life, Brooke Taylor is completely and utterly lost. With Satan for a father, and a mother six feet under, she finds herself to keep her sanity intact. But all of that comes crashing back down, when people begin to pry into her life. Asking questions, and sneaking around where they don't belong. She had the perfect plan, forget. Act like there is no pain, act like there is nothing wrong, like nothing ever happened. She was beginning to think she was handling it all so well. That was until Aiden Knight got transferred into her class. Aiden Knight is the guy all girls want, and most boys want to be. When Aiden begins to notice that there is something off about Brooke, he tries to get close to figure out what she is hiding. But some things are better left in the dark. With a very over curious golden boy, a friend with a dark secret, and an abusive father Brooke is in for a wild ride. A ride filled with Mystery, shocking betrayal, loyal friends, pain, and surprising revelations.


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Saving Me
by beelynnR