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"I maybe a flirt. A big spoil and adrift. Dating maybe is my hobby. I'm maybe of all girls but Aabia Jahan Ahmad are mine. Only Mine." Shahmir Siddiqui. "I maybe different of all girls. I maybe a big challenge for you. You maybe of all girls but not mine. And I'm only for the one I choose but not for you. I'm never yours. Will never be yours." Aabia Jahan Ahmad. "I want someone's love. Someone I can call mine. I want to be someone else's. But maybe there is no one for me to say I'm yours Shams." Shams waqas Ali. "You look everywhere except me. You see everything but not me. You are finding love but you can't see the love I'm hiding in my heart. You want someone to be yours but you are not listening me. My heart its always saying I'm yours. Only yours Shams." Zarnish Hammad Ahmad ★★★ Meet Aabia Jahan Ahmad sweet bubbly and naughty girl. She knows how to live life. Her life was simple full of smiles and laughter with her siblings and best friends. Her life was going on its track when suddenly someone jumped in to disturb it. Meet 27 years old Shahmir Siddiqui CEO of Shah group of companies. A spoiled person . The only son of Shah Siddiqui. All bad habits can be seen in him. Dating,flirting,clubs and smoking everything bad could be in his list. He never want to listen from anyone. All he wants he gets it. Nothing is far from his reach but what happen when for the first time a girl say no to him. His ego hurt. The big challenge of his life . Aabia Jahan Ahmad.. But will challenge will take him to some other way which is called love!! Zarnish with cute and bubbly nature but with hidden love for Shams her cousin. Shams who dreamed about the girl name Aabia but fate has its own plans. Four lives,emotions,love hate,and marriages. Where this love and hate will take them.?? Tap the read button to read the rest of the story.

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