A Found Girl (curre...
By IvoryAnna
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Book Two of Pan of Never Duology Forty years ago, young Gwen Averell was forced to venture into the world of Neverland along side her little sister, Wendi. They discovered untrustworthy pirates, violent fairy queens, and young ruffians who flew under the command of a certain red haired boy. Now, two years after the publication of her book and the anniversary of her return, Gwen's granddaughter, Gwendolyn 'Wyn' Barrie, is forced to follow down the same path as her grandmother. But things in Neverland are not as they were forty years ago. A dangerous magic has arisen that will threaten to destroy everything Gwen had worked to save, and even break down the very boundaries of the world she knew. But this time, the boy who never grew up will have to face the very thing he fears the most. The beautiful cover is made by the amazing @ryuwelp00!


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A Found G...
by IvoryAnna