Daddy Wanted
By lunawolf8074
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(Book 1 of Kink/Romance series) Daddy Wanted, Must be willing to spoil and pamper his lover. Must also be willing to punish his boy when he is being bad.If interested apply at the nearest college or diner. Please only those serious should apply for the position. Thank you. Jaime Winters is working on his college degree when one day he meets one of the teachers of math , Keiran O'Shea. Jaime Winters is doing great in his life...he has two great friends , Kayla and Chloe, but he realizes he is missing one very important thing in his life to make him feel complete...he yearns for a Daddy who will love him and take care of his baby's needs. Mr.O'Shea is one of the college professors at the college who specializes in Math...his life, while good seems to lack something in it, but he isn't aware what it is until one day he meets Jaime Winters and everything clicks. What he is needing is a special kind of lover...a baby boy to fill that empty space inside. One day Mr. O'Shea begins tutoring the young man in Geometry and along the way he ends up giving Jaime what he desires more than anything else...a daddy and everything his heart desires...a baby boy to love for his very own.


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Daddy Wan...
by lunawolf8074