Epistle (#1)
By itsmyjam
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IN WHICH a boy needs a tutor and a tutor just really needs a friend. *extended summary inside* [[ series of texts and messages. ]] Highest ranking: #99 in Teen Fiction #3 in #projectlovecliches #1 in #expressyourself #24 in #letters #8 in #dialogue #1 in #speakingmymind SHOUTOUT to @-wayfarer for getting first place in my fan art contest! "I just finished Epistle. It's cute, really. It's some kind of stress reliever. Thank you." - @notafriendlycreature "This story was was adorable from start to finish and I loved it." - @GaleTheRebel "beautiful book. loved it. one of the best on here." - @AarzooD245 "Epistle has become one of my favorites :)" - @kenjiebabe "Read this all in 45 minutes it was so good and made me laugh and cry ugh it was a roller coaster. the best roller coaster ever imma come back for more." - Book_Lover9632

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by itsmyjam