Day of Endings
By JoesephSimon
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Tales of time travel, end of days, supernovaes & ghosts. Are you into challenges? I am. My challenge was initiated when Silber Media invited my music guise, Lure of the Unknown, to participate in the 5 in 5 ep series. I agreed to compose five songs that, all together, would be five minutes total. I also decided to take initiative and further the challenge to myself: by having each track title to be a microstory (a story told in six words. No more, no less). And to make the music for each track to be the soundtrack to the story. These are those five microstories. Day of Endings is the name of my release under Lure of the Unknown and represents that collection of microstories. You'll read stories ranging from science fiction to horror given more depth with motorik & tribal beats, dark ambience, processed kalimbas, rain sticks, singing bowls, & processed voices. A truly unique sonic experiment with electro-acoustics, krautrock, & brevity. Experience the results of the full challenge and listen to the music at Bandcamp Directly from Silber Silber Media is an independent record label and comic company that has released great surprises since the 90s. All rights reserved.

Day of Endings

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Day of En...
by JoesephSimon