Tremble: Trafalgar...
By Wolfie_61
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You begin to notice you're getting some attention from one of your classmates named Trafalgar Law. You are a rather shy and quiet senior in high school who has a small group of random friends and rides their bike home every day to a quiet empty apartment. You *live* with your mother and you rarely see her as she works long days on the other side of town to support you. At school, you start to feel timid and vulnerable even more so when you notice Law staring at you (Like a mad man!). It makes you wonder why. -I set this story in 1994 so there are certain things I researched and added in to try to be accurate (products, media, slang...) while there are also details that may not be fitting for this time period (things I may have missed). One Piece is owned and created by Eiichiro Oda [I do not own the cover image]

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by Wolfie_61