When Time Eludes Yo...
By Fromyesteryear
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"I stood on the tip of my toes to catch a glimpse of his jet black hair through the ever-growing maze of people. He didn't look back as tears rolled down my cheeks heartlessly, and the trust I'd put in him broke into what felt like a million pieces. " Percy and Annabeth haven't seen each other for over a year. Whilst Percy has had the time of his life, Annabeth - well, she couldn't say the same. Can Percy regain Annabeth's trust before she does the one inherently stupid thing they promised they would never do? *ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO UNCLE RICK (EXCEPT FOR THE ONES I CREATED). I ALSO (SADLY) DO NOT OWN THE ART!* WAS: Resisting; Coexisting

1 - Don't go...

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When Time...
by Fromyesteryear