Male Emily x Reader...
By CamsterHale
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[OLD STORY OF MINE] [MALE EMILY/BRIDE PICTURE/S ON THE COVER ARE NOT MINE, I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THEM] The (L/n) family bloodline was a very well known family with wealth and importance, but unfortunately the family fortune trickled down into financial issues and bankruptcy. They soon made a plan to make their only daughter (Y/n) marry a wealthy Lord named Finnick to get their money back. But (Y/n) didn't like this idea and when it came to the ceremony rehearsal, she panicked and ran out with tears in her eyes. What happens when she practises her vows correctly and accidentally gets married to...a corpse groom?! [This will follow the main story mostly, but with some differences and plot twists!] {THIS IS JUST SOMETHING I DID IN MY SPARE TIME, IT'S MORE OF A SHORT STORY}

Chapter 1: Repulsive Rehearsal.

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Male Emil...
by CamsterHale