Kitty Cat (Chat Noi...
By White_Butterflies143
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I looked out of the tainted car window, gazing at the lively people of Paris. I sighed, another day filled with tight schedules. I glanced over at Miranda, she's my personal assistant but actually acts like a mother to me than my own. She gave me a weak smile that I then returned. I wish nothing more but to live normally much like the other kids my age, but sadly no matter how much you try you could simply not have what you want. I swiftly went out of the car about to enter the tall building my mother owns when I heard kids across the street laughing at something and being the curious girl I am checked it out, not knowing that I would meet someone who would change my fate. The story goes in your perspective, unless stated otherwise. Happy reading 866 in Fanfiction March 12, 2018 38 in Miraculous November 2, 2018 3 in Chat Noir December 6, 2018

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Kitty Cat...
by White_Butterflies143