Billionaire Series...
By meeksadorable
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Book 1 Nicholas Ronaldi had it all. The life most people dreamed about, a successful company, a gorgeous woman on his arm, everything money could buy but an unexpected accident left him with some devastating news making it impossible for him to have the one thing he never knew he wanted but was now desperate to have. Samantha McKenzie is a single mother from Oklahoma. Real definition of a loner. She lives a simple life focusing on her son until Nickolas Ronaldi showed up on her doorstep demanding to be a part of her son's life. "What are you doing here?" Asked Samantha as protective instincts made her grip the baby a little tighter causing him to squirm. "So you know who I am?" Nicholas replied "Yes" she whispered looking at the ground. "OK so no introduction needed" Nicholas replied "What are you doing here Mr. Ronaldi?" She asked in a nervouse voice "Please call me Nicholas and I was hoping we could talk" he replied

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