Running For Justice...
By JustaNaturalDisaster
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Detective Jenny Matthew: While investigating about a mysterious kidnapping case, which seemed to have no solution, Jen finds a horrible truth; she comes to know who the kidnapper is. And this man might take her life, now. Watch Detective Jenny try to escape from her death, as she runs through the forest, running for life, Running for JUSTICE. Will she get away safely and bring the real culprit behind the bars, or will the criminal send her into a 'permanent sleep' ? To find out more, read 'Running for Justice' ×××××××××××××××××××××× Hey guys, this short incident type story/chapter is actually a part of the 'Running through the Night' challenge of the Official Wattpad Mystery/Thriller. I would love it if you guys just read it (its under 1000 words) and Vote also if you like it even the slightest! Also, I would like you guys to also participate in the contest! The deadline is on Midnight EST, 4th November, 2016. All other details you can find on the official page of Wattpad Mystery/Thriller. All the very best to everyone entering! Happy reading! :)❤

Running For Justice(Mystery Friday Contest)

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Running F...
by JustaNaturalDisaster