The Final Fight : t...
By silent_artist0912
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Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage face plants into the dirt, the elf lands on her feet, the commander dropped above water. What happens next? Will new and old friends be seen along the way. The three begin the search for either their future or each other to reunite. Not aware that a battle for control will slowly take place. I do not own the cover image it belongs to its respective owner. I do not own the characters either. They belong to the admin chicken group. This is a fan fiction based off the haunted series that takes place after the magic library (episode 13 of the haunted) This is my first time writing so I'll see how it goes! Enjoy! Sorry about spelling errors and stuff. I don't know if I'll go through it and fix em. Forgive me if I don't fix em.

Ch.1 - New Begginings

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The Final...
by silent_artist0912