Ice Cold (BoyxBoy)
By Ryoko4848
  • Teen Fiction
  • boyxman
  • gay
  • homeless
  • homophobes
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"This is your punishment," he'd replay the male's words who'd done this to him. "You'll go to Hell if you don't sort your life out." He didn't want to go to Hell, not at all, so he knew he needed this. "The Lord has given you another chance to go through the gates of Heaven, if only you'd do as he says." And he would. He'd go through all of this to wipe away his forbidden sins, he'd do this with no turning back. "Don't come back until you've cleansed your sins, only then will you be forgiven." -- Riley Matts is a seventeen, homeless male who has given up on everything; but can one single male help him with that? -- Boy on boy; if you do not like it, than don't read it. -- There may be some triggers within this book; this is a heads up. -- ((I own the story and characters; and I created the images but did not take them myself.))

Ice Cold: Prologue

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Ice Cold...
by Ryoko4848