My Boss, Ms. Jackso...
By Skittlesxx0
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"Ms. Jackson, please. I really need this job. Fuck, a job period." I begged, running my hands through my hair. Fuck... the blonde I met earlier barges in spilling papers on the floor. good grief. "Ms. Jackson w-we have been needing a helper for sometime now..." her assistant jumps in. "Helper?" I ask confused. "You know...gather garage...deliver things..." her assistant contiuned. "I see...well what happened to Carl." She glares at her. "Um he can't lift the big things ma'am. And the doctors says it's best if he doesn't drive...atleast alone." The blonde places down the papers on another desk on the other side of the room."Maybe he could do that?" Aria swirls around the chair and then looks at me. She sighs, " Mr. Johnson, you'll be my personal helper understood?"I nodded my head nearly falling out my seat. "Everyday around 7:00 pm the trash will always be full. Over 50 people will be throwing stuff away. Also we might need you to deliver wine boxes to people around town, along with Carl. Would that be a problem Mr. Johnson?" ------------------- Meet Chance Johnson, a 25 year old man who was struggling to get a job and watch out for his sick mother. Living in an horrible old nasty motel room and looking for a job to help him and his mother have a second chance with life. Looking for a suitable job on the streets of New York until he bumps into a flyer with the 23 year old Aria Jackson whose on the front cover, and who went through hell and back to get into the position as CEO at a company she owns. What happens when these too worlds collide? (Book is made by me. No copying pleaseā™”.)

Chapter 1

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My Boss...
by Skittlesxx0