Underfalls: Story o...
By Marshmewwos
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"Hey," Sans reached a bony finger out to lift the girl's chin. "Make sure you come back and see me, alright? After all, we still have the -" "WHAT ABOUT OUR DATE! I STILL OWE YOU THAT!" Mabel giggled as she gave us one last hug. "Ill miss you guys too." As the twins went to go board on the bus, my brother stopped Dipper. "Hey kiddo," "Yeah?" "Take care, will ya? I don't wanna see either of you come back without the other, alright?" ~~~ The hands of time move forward as Dipper and Mabel Pines head back to California for the summer, but the life of the monsters have become more quiet now that the humans that stirred up commotion and life under Mt. Ebott is gone. However, most of those who were involved in the whole Pines case forgot about the 6 souls sacrificed to originally free them from captivity. Key word being most. There is one being in particular that has not forgotten about this unspoken of power, and takes advantage of it, all in coincidental time of the Pines' returnal to Gravity Falls the following summer. The sequel series to Underfalls! Please take caution and read the entire Underfalls trilogy that is a prequel to this series before continuing. Thank you, and enjoy!


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by Marshmewwos