The Butterfly Effect
By Explosivewafflez
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What has pushed you to believe taking your life is the answer? Are you really going to do it? What happens when death isn't as peaceful as you expected? What if a Reaper gives you something of an ultimatum? Witness first-hand what your death has brought to those around you, or remain wandering as a lost soul until you reach the point of insanity. "You can take your life, but what about the people around you? Aren't you taking theirs too?" Emily nearly laughed again, the idea was so ridiculous, but when she went to answer... she found she couldn't respond. What happens to them? ____________________ Author's Note: If you're looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it. [The Fighter's Series - Book 1] Formerly titled: Emily's Suicide Highest Ranking: #1 Paranormal

Author's Note

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The Butte...
by Explosivewafflez