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By BeesAvenger33766
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Bumblebee can hardly remember a time without his foster sister, Firestar, in his life. He and his father took her in when he was only 10 and she was 8, so they've been like siblings for the majority of their lives. However, unlike Bumblebee, Firestar's birth-parents are still alive, and for the past 7 years have been fighting for custody over her while she's been in foster care. Lately the case had been going in circles, neither parent really working that hard to win back the rights to their daughter, but suddenly her father starts taking much more serious steps toward custody, and the small foster family is forced to consider the possibility that they may not be together for much longer. Will Firestar's father win her back, finally ending the awful conflict in their family? And if so, how will Bumblebee cope with losing the girl he has come to love as so much more than just a foster sister?

A New Family

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Family |...
by BeesAvenger33766