The Filipino Werewo...
By FernandoLachica
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A virgin....A stranger...The werewolves....their love and union triggered the unending war buried beneath the face of mankind in the Philippine Islands. The secret of the family started to evolved when Mary, the virgin, wanted to discover her true self.When the stranger visited their place, she fell in love with him for the first time. She secretly met the stranger and gave her soul to him that triggered the ancient war between the Azzo and the Azzwang clans. Both wanted to live in the world of mankind peacefully but conflicts killed them all. The Filipino Werewolf is a story behind the Filipino belief about supernatural beings that loomed within the hearts of the Philippine Islands secretly brought by the Spanish Colonizers.The werewolf legend started from the Mayan civilization up to the discovery of the Philippines where the concept of the story was built.

The Filipino Werewolf: Lord Of The Azzo #Wattys2016

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The Filip...
by FernandoLachica