The Italian Slave {...
By JustMattBtw
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Feliciano is a small italian slave who had been kidnapped at a young age and forced into the business of slave trading and selling. He used to be a happy, joy filled Soul but through the years of being used by people who've bought him and sold and returned over and over again along with the Abuse given by people who have owned him, he has become weak, obedient, and terrified. He now lives in a slave trading place where he has to live in a cage with terrible people to care for him until he is bought. What happens when a German male buys him? Read to find out. Warnings: This is a boy x boy yaoi story. If you dont like it then DONT READ IT! its as simple as that. Dont take your time writing a hateful comment, its a waste of my time snd yours. This story will contain things that are for mature audiences, for example, smut. There will be certain triggers at the beginning of chapters so make sure to read them.

Bird in a cage

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The Itali...
by JustMattBtw