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Lisbeth witnesses her father's death. She's not sure how it happened, or why. In fact, the only thing she can remember is his body slumping to the ground as the blood oozed from his wound. Well, that's what she tells everyone else. No sixteen year old should have to witness that. Distraught, fragile and afraid, 'Lizzie' is sent to live with a foster family. With no more real family left to care for her, Lizzie has never felt so alone. All Lizzie wants is to be able to mourn the loss of her father, but she is thrown into a world full of dark magic and shadows who threaten not only her existence, but everyone else's. Her whole life, Lizzie has been hidden from this mysterious world, and now that her father isn't there to protect her; Lizzie must find her own way. She must make her own choices. Her own path. A path that, unknowingly, will lead Lizzie to a boy who she has been destined to be with from the moment of her birth. But, is destiny all it's made out to be?

Chapter One: The Death

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by AnimeLovingTimeLord