Golden fields
By CharleneLehmanHellen
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • apocalypse
  • conspiracy
  • familycomesfirst
  • mystery
  • ontherun
  • selfdefense
  • trustnoone
  • virus


Imagine a world where you had no choice of privilege or poverty. A world that had been nearly wiped out by some strange virus and no one knew the source or our why it killed so many. The only thing they did know is that if you were AB blood type you were immune. Now 20 years later agriculture ruled the world and if you had a farm you were this worlds elite. You were never given a choice to make your own path in life you were born into a line of which ever profession your family did and if you couldn't cut it in nursing school or in pre law then you were cast out of the family with no profession and no income. Quite often these "people of poverty" ended up stealing to survive. This is the account of a husband and loving father broken by the world he has to live in. He tries to protect and provide for his family as best he can. Since there is no longer any government help or charities, neither Grayson nor his wife Claira can find work and have to resort to stealing to survive. In a split decision he sends his three children off to go to home to try to get them away from a dangerous situation. Grayson wonders if they will make it back to their little camp site safely and what trials await them around the corner. On the way the kids make the kind of discovery that can make or brake your existence. What will happen to them now?

1 - The Lot

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Golden fi...
by CharleneLehmanHellen