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By Ftfanx777
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For the first time since I started this book requests are closed But that doesn't mean you can't request headcanons or preferences tho I don't judge you can literally request anything here Oneshots Preferences Headcanons Boy x boy Girl x girl You can also make your oneshots anonymous if you want If you feel shy you can p.m me too, I love talking to you dudes Or if you want to surprise a friend with a oneshot for a birthday or special occasion let me know (tho I do have a long list of requests to get through so if you wanna do that contact me beforehand so I don't accidentally miss the date or you could schedule it super in advance and ask it to be released on a certain date. But it all depends on the situation tho) But there's a few rules 1. I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT do lemons 2. You have to request a character from a show on my request list 3. Every user can request up to two oneshots, two headcanons and a preference at a time I also work on stuff on the side for when I need a break from rlly long requests (srsly, one oneshot I wrote was 27 google doc pages!) And the preferences and headcanons are part of that, but I work on those even when I'm on other chapters for my other books too. There's a table of contents in the second chapter of my book that has every single character I've ever done (even if it was just in a preference) so if you are curious and want to read about your favorite characters go there More requests would be great, thanks for reading ^_^

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One shots...
by Ftfanx777