Remembering Hope Fi...
By Sophxo
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • 2012
  • agents
  • attack
  • attacker
  • awards
  • bad
  • bush
  • car
  • chapter
  • confusion
  • corey
  • fear
  • findlay
  • followed
  • forest
  • guy
  • hope
  • hospital
  • hunted
  • hunting
  • ill
  • injured
  • injury
  • interveiw
  • killer
  • loss
  • lost
  • memory
  • mystery
  • remember
  • remembering
  • run
  • running
  • scared
  • serial
  • stalked
  • stalker
  • suv
  • travelling
  • twenty
  • vines
  • watty
  • woods
  • wound


"Hunted, hunting and almost gone." Hope, a natural hearted teenager. That's where it stops. What would you do if you couldn't remember anything from your life? What would you do if you didn't even know you had a name or what you were doing in hospital fighting for your memory? Welcome to Hope's new world. Witnessing a cold hearted crime and only surviving by a lack of bullets is what made her lose her mind. She's trying desperately to remember who killed that innocent man, trying to remember who she is, trying to rebuild her life all while falling in love with the enemy and keep herself sane. Not to mention trying to help secret service agents to hunt down the killer before he gets her. The battle to the death you can't miss. "A second chance at life isn't a blessing. It's a horror."

Remembering Hope Findlay

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by Sophxo