Alpha Aiden
By Fucking_Trevor
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I was a literal fetus when I wrote this. Please don't judge🤦🏾‍♀️. "You told me," "Told you what?" "You told me you'd burn me.." He stayed silent as she knew he would. "I should've listened." "And now?" "I'm not going anywhere Aiden." "You should.." "I know." -Aurora .V. Blair had a simple life. It wasn't perfect but it was all she had. Abandoned in the woods as a child she was taken in by a family. These people she lived with weren't just 'people', she got adopted by a pack. Not just a pack but the most superior pack known to man, and dog. Aurora was a simple human among the wolves she was frequently frown upon. She was bullied, unloved by anyone but her family her best friend Ethan, and she was an outcast. Her pack, the Kingdom, is holding the most extravagant event to honor the day of when the Alpha Aiden finds his mate. You know how this goes. Boy meets girl. Girl hates Boy and vice versa. But she is a simple peasant among the wolves. So she honestly doesn't have a choice. She losses her family, her best friend, and her crush. But, this story isn't just about a sad human girl. - Meet Alpha Aiden Night. He is everything your mother told you to avoid in man. He is angry, rude, ruthless, and a sadistic asshole who can't keep his dick in his pants. On the day of his mate assignment, although dreading the thought of settling down when it comes to woman, he was expecting a sexy obedient wolf girl. Not a bad ass rebellious, sexy smart ass. When they are forced to one another everything is terrible for the both of them. The hatred for each other is unruly and evident. But so is a odd connection between the two. Aurora .V. Blair and Aiden Night. Opposites really do attract. Whether you like it or not. Warning!! **Do not under any circumstances copy this book, if done the culprits will be punished to the full extent of the law. So don't do it** P.s. Enjoy *kisses*


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Alpha Aid...
by Fucking_Trevor