To Seduce A Bad Boy
By ivonnerms
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Okay, picture this. You're playing truth or dare with your besties. When it's your turn, they dare you to 'seduce' a guy. But not any type of guy. No. They had to go for the 'BAD BOY'. Easy right? Pft, I wish. Adrielle Ferrier is the type of girl who would rather read a book than go partying. So when her friends DARE her to seduce the schools 'BAD BOY', let's just say things are off to start awkward. Nathan Pierson, with his boyish good looks, & trade mark leather jacket, he's irresistible. Not only is he the schools 'BAD BOY' but is really well known for sleeping with most of the female student body population. So when Adrielle makes an attempt to start talking to him & get her plan moving forward, not everything is gonna go as she is expecting. Especially when one of them starts falling for the other.

To Seduce A Bad Boy

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To Seduce...
by ivonnerms