The Bystander ✔
By TahliePurvis
  • Teen Fiction
  • bullying
  • cyberbullying
  • highschool
  • riseabove
  • telus


[INCLUDES PAID PROMOTION] Eva Shaw's junior year falls apart when she sees a website dedicated to making fun of Cathy, a reclusive student, and does nothing about it. Eva watches the posts pop up every night and doesn't speak a word. But when she accidentally gets closer to Cathy, it slowly gets tougher to keep quiet about the bullying she witnesses each day. Cathy seems to be pulling further away from everyone and has no desire to bring a teacher into her mess and make things complicated. But Eva is finding it harder to keep quiet with all the guilt building up around her and when she finds out the creator of the website is much closer to her than she thought, doing the right thing seems almost impossible. With her 'friends' telling her to keep quiet, Cathy falling away and her own guilt pulling at her, Eva has to decide if speaking out is really worth it or if she should just listen to everyone and stay a simple bystander.

Chapter One

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The Bysta...
by TahliePurvis