All because of a &q...
By __blackyellow__
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Gianne has a very unusual life. She has a gifted mind and very talented but because of her difference from others she was bullied, thus she was forced to be homeschooled. Because she's practically genius, she was able to finish her studies at an early age and was entrusted to take over their company. She's been used to all the work she has to do. But everything in her life changed, all because of a stupid promise that her sweet sister made her do. find out how Gianne strives to go through this roller coaster ride she's about to experience. #155in General Fiction as of 11-26-17 (highest ranking so far) P.S - to whom ever will try to read my work. this is my first time writing. I am trying my best! Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1-Introduction

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All becau...
by __blackyellow__