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By emmalilius
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The Golden Trio were three of the eight students who had decided to return to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year after having been interrupted by the war. A new class had been put into effect at Hogwarts by request of the Ministry. All seventh year students were now required to take a parenting class. The Ministry had realized that more and more students were getting pregnant and didn't know anything about taking care of a child which is why this new class was being put into effect. Students were to be paired up and then afterward they would be given a letter from the Ministry explaining exactly what they would be expected to do during their school year for the class project. [HG/DM, HP/GW, RW/PP, BZ/LL] The Baby Project © emmalilius thank you to @ChasingMadness24 for the great cover!

Clearing Things Up

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The Baby...
by emmalilius