The Billionaire Fan...
By Mandyrosko
  • Romance
  • alpha
  • billionaire
  • brothers
  • contemporary
  • dark
  • drama
  • newadult
  • protection
  • stalker


(ROUGH DRAFT)Bad Boy Billionaire Silvio tried to make things work with Jane, the gorgeous free spirit he had a fling with (that may or may not had started in the bathroom of the hottest club at the time). But Jane wasn't just having a relationship with a billionaire. She writes about them. As in romance novel, happily ever after, pie in the sky type of writing. The fantasy was different from the reality, and with Silvio's past, a life of abuse and murder with reporters hounding his every move and every love, theirs was doomed from the start. Except Silvio could never stop thinking about the woman who stole his attention and held on tight, and after Jane's bad break up with her limp noodle boyfriend, he's willing to make it work this time. All he has to do is get her to say yes, and that might involve being a little tricky. Like, offering to give Jane the fantasy billionaire romance from one of her sexy novels. "Research," he'll call it, with everything included, all the way down to the hot sex and HEA. **** Special Thanks To the awesome Cover Artist, Melody Simmons, and to Patrons! Their names will be included in the dedications pages of each chapter. You guys rock! XOXO

Chapter One

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The Billi...
by Mandyrosko