Strain of Love
By HTEllis
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FREE STORY WITH PAID BONUS CHAPTERS. A shy primary school teacher, who falls in love with her student's father, learns that the secrets he keeps will change her life forever. ... Primary school teacher Verity Rose's life is simple and straightforward. At thirty-one-years-old, and still single, she's given up on ever finding her Mr. Right. Henry Clay is a man trapped by the loss of his everything. The mother of his six-year-old daughter. The love of his life. When the pair are brought together by a lucky streak of fate (aka. Mabel, Henry's energetically loving daughter), they can't deny the connection. It's electric and awe-inspiring. Maybe a little too good to be true. As Verity falls harder than ever, Henry suddenly pulls away, causing friction between the pair. Heartbreak is hard to heal. Especially when a devastating lie unfolds that could ruin everything. ... IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON ANY OTHER PLATFORM THAN WATTPAD, YOU ARE AT RISK OF MALWARE. FOR YOUR SAFETY, PLEASE ONLY READ ON WATTPAD. ... WARNING: Strain of Love will contain adult themes. Please bear this in mind when reading. Copyright 2017 ©- by HTEllis All rights reserved.

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Strain of...
by HTEllis