Wendy Darling
By jmz1014
  • Fantasy
  • beleive
  • betrayal
  • dreamer
  • mystery
  • taken
  • wattys2017


In this adventurous twist on Peter Pan, young fourteen her old Wendy Darling is kidnapped and is claimed to be "The truest believer". Peter is set out to get Wendy's heart and become the most powerful he can be, but the only problem is Wendy doesn't believe. This idea came into my head while I was watching Once Upon A Time. Most ideas are my own except for Robbie Kay playing Peter Pan, that he needs the heart of the truest believer, the truest believer, and the when they take the pixie dust and jump off the cliff. I'm voicing credit now before anyone says this is plagiarizing. Since I am giving credit to my idea source there is nothing that can be done. Please enjoy the story and if you want to see where my idea came from watch Once Upon A Time season 3!

A little backstory

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Wendy Dar...
by jmz1014