The Playboy [SLOW U...
By writinglovesana
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|#156 in romance 25/6/17| His eyes were clear and full of lust. I take a step back and he takes a step forward. Then I took another step back and my back hit the wall. He came more close to me and now our faces were inches apart. His hot breath fanning against my cheeks as we stare into each other's eyes. His eyes were black and dark colored, but I cannot love this guy. He came closer to my ear and whispered "you can never escape me sweetheart." I don't know what he wants from me but he always manages to make me fall for him, for he is The Playboy. ---------------- Chloe Martin, 22 years old and desperate for money, her parents died when she was young. So she grew up alone because all her relatives did not accept her as their child. But when she meets the bad boy in her high school things change from good to bullying . Now he comes back, and there's only one thing he needs, her. Christopher Crawford, 25 years old, he is known as the playboy because of his mesmerizing eyes and handsome face, girls always drool for him and he being a playboy does one night stands with them. He never believed in relationships and love , but when he saw the beautiful and innocent Chloe he falls for her hard but covers it with his cold stare, every time he saw her in high school he would make fun of her and bully her. But now when they both have grown up and things have changed, Chloe has become more beautiful and hotter than she was in high school. What happens when the handsome billionaire meets Chloe in his office looking beautiful and sexy. Now he won't be able to control for he is "THE PLAYBOY" Read to find out what happens when the playboy meets the good girl.

Chapter 1

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The Playb...
by writinglovesana