One Last Time (Myst...
By inspiritbaby11
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A short story inspired by Mystic Messenger 707 Route Day 8... After realizing that the security system in Rika's apartment was being hacked, and the bomb installed at the house might explode any moment, Seven rushed to the apartment to protect you. However, at your apartment, while trying to restore the system, you realized that the Seven in the chatroom and the Seven in real life was totally different. Instead of being bubbly and cheerful, the Seven in front of you was cold and distant. Although in the same apartment, Seven kept his distance with you, he ignored you and stated clearly that you two shouldn't have any personal relationship going on. "I'm a dangerous person, you shouldn't be close to me. Once I get things done, I'll leave and we probably wouldn't meet each other again, forever." "But...this isn't the Seven I know..." "I'm sorry but this is the real me." Is Seven really gonna leave RFA? Is he really gonna be so cold to you forever? Does he really have no feelings for you?

Part 1

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One Last...
by inspiritbaby11