Solar Eclipse
By alyssa-san
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Sasuke Uchiha has just reencountered with Naruto after first seeing Sakura and Kakashi after a while: "Why are you fixated on me?! Why do you care?!" "Because we're friends!" Those words always ran throughout the raven's head, and ever since that small reacquintance he had with the Orange Ninja, he couldn't stop thinking about him in a way that might change everything. After this little event, Naruto is trying to earn Kurama's chakra within a battle. Meeting Kushina, his mother for the first time, he ended up confessing his feelings for Sasuke, and both feel the same way towards each other now. Neither of them knew about the other's feelings, in the beginning at least. Naruto wants to see Sasuke again, not caring whether or not it results with an argument or a battle that led to death. On the other hand, Sasuke tries to debate whether he should continue on with his dream to destory Konoha and Naruto with it, or find his only friend immediately and confess his feelings. A SasuNaru Fanfic This Fanfic Continues throughout the fourth shinobi world war ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO MASASHI KISHIMOTO FOR CREATING NARUTO. MOST OF THE DIALOGUE DURING THE BATTLES AND SUCH ARE FROM THE ANIME, MANGA, AND ULTIMATE NINJA 4!!!

Part 1

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Solar Ecl...
by alyssa-san