Seekers | Book I of...
By liann_aixa
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Ever had that nightmare where you're falling from somewhere and then, just before you hit the ground, you wake up? Well, in that case, you're lucky because with me, I always hit the ground... Hard. Vivid nightmares have always corroded my dreams, making it impossible for me to sleep soundly, ever since I could remember. Nobody could ever explain why. I've never really considered myself normal. It didn't really help that I started to see people that others couldn't. But when I finally got somewhat close to being ordinary, a mysterious stranger comes along to ruin everything. At least I finally understood why I'd never be just average. The people I saw were ghosts. I am the bridge to help them cross over. I am a Seeker. HIGHEST RANK: #49 in Paranormal (12.17.2017) ^-^ Thanks so much, guys!!

Chapter 1

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Seekers |...
by liann_aixa