The Lotus & The...
By Vanilla_waffer
  • Fantasy
  • battle
  • egypt
  • emperor
  • historical
  • history
  • japan
  • romance
  • rome
  • timetravel


Emily Bernard was just your average girl. Having just turned twenty-one she was finishing her final year of college, she is in the prime of her life. Or, at least she was until she dies. - until she should've died. Awakening within a vast desert, Emily is thankfully saved by a group of passing tradesman - who take her in. There's just one problem - the world she finds herself in has no technology whatsoever and instead relies on magic, an ability which everyone excluding her has. Oh, that and the fact that no one speaks the same language as her. When she arrives in the city she finds herself at the mercy of the nation's Emperor - apparently he believes her to be the reincarnation of their creation goddess, and wants to make Emily his bride. Amidst a world of magic, politics, desire, and intrigue will Emily be able to survive?

Chapter 1

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The Lotus...
by Vanilla_waffer