Demons Run
By scythereIIa
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Evangelina Virgo had finally escaped an ugly past, and was now living a secure, happy, normal life. She was a college student with a well-paying job, and her best friend was secretly in love with her. All of that was shattered when one night, death creeped in and wrapped its unforgiving hands around her. Enter Roman -- an extremely good-looking demon who is seeking redemption. He saves Eve from dying by bonding his soul to hers, but unbeknownst to him, this comes with severe side-effects. When they are united again, her past is brought to light and Eve discovers things she never knew. Roman needs Eve's innocence to save his soul, but are there ulterior motives? Why would a demon want his soul back? When two Fae appear to warn Roman that the Prince of Hell, Barbatos, is dying to get his hands on precious little Eve for reasons that nobody is able to determine, the question of why arises. The archangels are making unexpected apperances and even Eve's own guardian angel. Raziel and Roman can't see eye to eye on anything except for Eve's safety. The girl begins to question her choice for this journey; she gets deeper and deeper into things she can't possibly understand, and finds out more about herself, who she is, and why her soul was chosen. Keep your eyes open, run fast, and don't let the hellhounds catch your scent, because hell is on high alert. Fantasy #749, General Fiction #761 © Elizabeth Elliott and Layla Neal, all rights reserved 2014

Demons Run [WATTY AWARDS 2015]

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Demons Ru...
by scythereIIa