Sovereign Games - O...
By EmelineRousselot
  • Fantasy
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  • dominance
  • dragon
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  • rated-r
  • romance
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  • torture
  • vampire
  • werewolf


At this point in time, I do NOT plan on continuing this story. I have had to make some very difficult choices in regards to my personal time and schedule. Please respect my decision. If in the future, I can continue the story, I might, but I don't see it happening. I will leave it up for a few months and then probably delete it altogether. The game was simple... Hunt her. Fuck her. Kill her. ...become KING. NOTE: SLOW updates at the moment due to my schedule, so you may not want to start the story until later. You do NOT have to read I AM ONLY ONE first; however, this book does contain SPOILERS so if you think you might read I AM ONLY ONE, do it FIRST (I promise you won't regret it. lol) WARNING: Mature themes, violence and sexual content, some nonconsensual TRIGGERS (MF and MM). You will have to FOLLOW me to see the PRIVATE chapters. All Rights Reserved


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by EmelineRousselot