Hard to Get (A Stud...
By Gay_Swiss
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There are times where you want nothing more than to be loved. To be wanted. To be accepted. But life wants to challenge you instead. Toreesa Lane comes from a wealthy lifestyle. Breezing her way into college and trying to live up to her fathers diligent reputation, she only seems to attract people who want to use her for what she has to offer. She was raised to believe that money gets you everything...even a persons love for you. Erica Milliano, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Being predominantly poor, she works hard every day and night to pay for her college education, even if that means skipping meals and living on the streets; she will do whatever it takes. She was on her own from the very beginning and trusts absolutely no one. She relies on no one, but herself. These two are so different from one another but they manage to fall blindly into each others arms; One Bus Ride at a Time...


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Hard to G...
by Gay_Swiss